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Why We Love a Rose Bouquet

It’s kinda hard to imagine a special, romantic day without certain essentials. The essentials being the people, of course, a romantic place, brilliant exotic food, something sweet and cute in the form of a dessert, and without a doubt - FLOWERS! And not just any flowers - you know which ones I’m talking about! Very simply - a bouquet of fresh, red roses! A bouquet of red roses which are fresh and premium in quality will always add a special touch to any romantic or happy, celebratory occasion - and you know it. While other flowers are no less, there are particular reasons as to why we love ourselves a special rose bouquet. Here are some of our reasons:

1. Just how pretty they look! - Roses are undoubtedly one of the prettiest looking types of flowers out there. The rich bright colours, the shape of the petals and just how stunning this species of flowers can look! I’m sure most of us like roses for how beautiful they can look, and how quickly they can brighten up a dull, sad moment or a super sad room!

2. How magnificent they smell! - This is the best part of a rose. While there are other plants that look absolutely stunning, they can or will never match up to the smell of a rose. The smell and fragrance of roses tend to take all of us down the path of nostalgia and all things happy. They remind us of our childhood and happier days!

3. Wonderful colours! - No second thoughts. Just the fact that one flower can have such wonderful colours, with each colour meaning a different thing, only makes us believe that roses are the easiest and most versatile type of flowers. No matter what the occasion, you’ll have a colour of rose that’ll be perfect and suit the celebration. Red, Pink, White and Yellow - you decide! The choice is yours.

4. Cost Friendly - Roses are pretty light on your pockets. They are quite cheap and worth every single penny you spend on them, aren’t they?

We stan a rose bouquet for all special occasions - as, should you!

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