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A gift is the reflection of how close you are to the person you are gifting something to. It reflects your thought towards the person and the importance of the occasion in your life. In India, gifts are not something casual that we give each other only on birthday or wedding anniversary but it's a tradition. Everytime we visit someone's home we prepare ourselves with numerous gifts for all the family members. Just like giving things, we receive them when someone visits us. We as Indians not only just gift a thing but make sure we gift something that can add value to our loved one's life. We should consider the occasion and the kind of person we are gifting in order to give the best gift.

Here are some of the most searchable gifts in India :

• Designed Watches : When we think about gifting something to boys, the first thing that crosses our mind is a good standard wrist watch that can live with the person for long.

• Indoor Plants and Bouquets : What can go wrong with refreshing fragrance that can not only freshen up your loved one's mood but their entire home. Flowers can make everyone happy with their lively presence and majestic fragrance. And when it comes to indoor plants, they are a symbol of togetherness. Even though you don't live with the person whom you want to gift it, they will remember you everytime they water the plant.

• Soft toys / Teddy Bears : Soft toys as gifts are often categorized with children but it is a kind of present that can be gifted to anyone of any age. These are loved by everyone.

• Sweets : Who doesn't like sweets? No one is right! That's how sweets are. Loved by everyone. Whenever we feel low we turn to a bunch of chocolates to calm our mood. We give sweets at festivals to each other to show gratitude. But when it comes to sweets the most loved one is a cake. It is considered as the most auspicious sweet. A birthday or any ceremony for that matter always starts with a tradition of cake cutting across the globe.

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