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Updated: Aug 6

Cakes are considered the most auspicious and favorite sweet across the globe when it comes to celebrating an event whether it's a birthday or a wedding function. It's not just a sweet but a tradition. We start our auspicious events by cutting a cake. It is one of the best ways to make your close ones feel special by expressing emotions and love by just sending a cake to them.

Cakes add colors and sweetness to the event, making it even more auspicious and celebrating.

We often gift people something that can be used for days and months sometimes even years but we forget to make the event more lively. Cakes and flowers as gifts can hardly go wrong.

Here are some reasons why you should consider cake as the best gifting options :

Budget-friendly- When we look for birthday gifts, it's not very easy to choose the perfect gift for anyone. Cake and flowers combo can never go wrong when it comes to gifting because choosing a safe option will not only helps us save the effort and time but money as well.

Fresh and Sweet Smelling- Gifting someone special a box having freshness. Can this ever fail? Never. The cake is the best gift for a special person as it not only adds the sweetness to the feast but it's freshness provides a possibility to the occasion as well. Just by cake booking, you can make someone's day a lot more special.

Creative Designer Cakes- This age of accepting diverse cultures, we have adopted a tradition of theme party and what can match the creativeness of designer cakes.

The online platform gives you an option of customization of your cake according to any occasion.

Choose Cakesongo to order and send flowers and cake online. We provide the fastest online delivery within two hours of placing the order. Make your cake booking easy and smooth with us.

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