How to celebrate first birthday?

There ain’t no day like a birthday! Since the very beginning of where your memory goes, we’re sure the one day you have memories of will be your birthday. While most of us clearly won’t remember our very first birthday, our parents always take us back to that day. They will always tell us about how we behaved on that day, what we wore, the decorations and so on - but one thing, that they will always talk about is our birthday cake! Our birthday cakes have always had that sort of importance. Especially our first ones. The pictures say it all! Our 1st birthday pictures will have the same amount of photos of the cake, as it has of us and other people! THAT’S how much gravity a birthday cake has.

Even today, if we had to ask you to remember, you would be able to recall almost all of your birthday cakes. If not all, the tastiest and prettiest ones for sure! A few already came to your mind, didn’t they? We know they did!

We, at Cakesongo, understand of how much importance a birthday cake is. Birthday cakes not only are an absolute must, they are so capable of depicting ‘you’, as a person. At New Cakesongo, we bake cakes that not only taste brilliant, we also make sure that our cakes are a true depiction of what you are. From cakes that are delicately decorated to cakes of your favourite shows and characters to just stunning fondant designs - you choose, we bake and deliver. And there’s nothing more we enjoy than being a part of your birthday celebrations! Get cheap and affordable birthday cakes only with us, at Cakesongo.


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