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The cake is the most loved dessert for all the occasions. Coming from the west side of the word it has overtaken dessert menus of all corners of the world. There's no occasion in which cake is not considered to be the first dish to be served and even a small get together to end with a cake. Deciding a cake may not sound like a big task but it actually isn't. The cake is a dessert with a large variety of flavors makes it time-consuming and tiring for anyone to pick that perfect cake according to the event.

Here are some tips for choosing that perfect flavour for your cake on your special day :

• Consider the Occasion- Occasion or the kind of event plays a big role in deciding the cake and the flavour of it. For example, for a wedding celebration, the wedding cake should be light-hearted yet beautiful so a white vanilla cake with decent frosting would do the job but on the other hand, if there is a birthday celebration especially for a kid, the cake should be highly decorative and funky just how a kid would like it so a chocolate truffle cake is the best pick that case.

• Frosting can change the game- These days fondant cake is in demand because fondant icing has the potential to change any flavour taste and look even better. It's a mixture of water and sugar which results in a thin sheet that covers the cake from the outside to make it decoration appropriate. It makes it easy for you to choose any flavour and change it from the outside according to the occasion.

• Ask your taste buds- No matter what flavour you choose for your cake, it has to click with your taste buds' standards. You ultimately buy a cake which gives delight to your tongue and nothing less nothing more. So without compromising for your guest, choose a cake which you like the best

Don't make choosing the perfect cake a task for yourself and choose Cakesongo for your special occasion as we provide a wide variety of flavours for fancy cakes.


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