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We, as Indians enjoy celebrating our festivals and special days with something sweet and when it comes to sweets, what better than a cake. Because of the wide variety of Indian sweets that are famous across the world. The cake is one such western delicacy which has been accepted by Indians effortlessly.

We see no auspicious event without having cake on the menu. From birthdays to a house warming party, cake cutting is the first ritual that we follow.

Here are the top favourite cakes of Indians :

Black Forest Cake: Black forest cake is the perfect pick for the birthday party. This beauty coated with chocolate cream and dark berries in the chocolate bread. Decorated with chocolate flakes and dark berries on the top can add up to your feast.

Fresh Fruit Cake: This simple yet healthy cake is perfect for vegetarians as it is eggless and has loads of fruits. This staple delicacy is loaded with vanilla cream and stuffed nicely with mixed fruits. Decorated with finely diced fruits on the top gives it a fresh breath.

Butter Scotch Cake: This delectable cake is famous for its after taste that stays for quite long. Vanilla flavoured bread coated with nicely whipped vanilla cream and a flavour of butterscotch in every layer is to die for. Butterscotch cake is famous for its richness in every bite.

Red Velvet Cake: As the name suggests, this cake is as royal as it sounds. This red beauty is a mingle of red velvet bread with loads of cream in every layer and essence of vanilla in every bite. This red delight decorated with some grated chocolate is the best pick for the weddings or anniversary parties.

When it comes to birthday cake and flower or even a combo of cake and bouquet we often rely on the options that are present online as it cuts the hassle of getting the cake from the bakery on our own. What's better than having your desired cake delivered at your doorsteps on time. Choose Cakesongo for making your special day a little better with our best birthday cake delivery and designer cakes. So save that extra time and spend it with your loved ones at home on your special day.


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