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Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day Gifting 

Father’s Day Celebration
Who is a father?


We all know that the mother loves and cares for you the most, but a father also equally loves and cares for you. Being a father, he plays critical roles in your life. He may act happy, and in the next minute, he may become an angry person. Each individual has a different way to express feelings for someone, and so do fathers have different sentiments for you too. New time defines the father as a person who also participates in taking care of you fairly. He manages time and accomplishes to spend quality time with you, especially at weekends. Being supportive throughout his lifetime, he acts differently in the social environment, and cognitively for your development.

Father loves you too.

Fatherly love is different from motherly love. Both of them have different approaches to undertake your situation. You can never compare them for their love. Ordinarily, fathers are strict for boys and cool for daughters. He befriends with his daughter, watches movies whereas he has a strict nature towards his sons, plays cricket, and helps him to puzzle the games.

The availability of a father in a family is important in your upbringing. He further takes the responsibility of the whole family, setting the extra hands to them. He has a big contribution to your lives by fulfilling your needs and doing hard work to get your things completed in time without any delays. Trying to spend him in you and into your activities like- nurturing you, guiding you with good lessons of life, and many more, he enjoys these moments. 

Nowadays, fathers help mothers evenly in raising children. They sing lullabies while sleeping; get them ready for school, etc. The days are gone when only mothers used to take responsibility for you alone.

History of Father's Day 


The celebration of mother's day inspired this day. 

For the first time, the USA celebrated father's day in 1908. Mrs. Dodd gave birth to this day as her father raised her alone. She observed her father's hard work towards upbringing her and her five more siblings. She acknowledged him by celebrating this day.

Following this, across the globe, countries like India, the USA, the UK, Australia, etc. celebrate father's day on third Sunday of June. 


Roles of a father


All fathers are not the same. They differ in genres like nature, profession, age, thought process, cognitive and personal development, culture, and many more. He represents different roles in your life, sometimes he is a friend to you or maybe an enemy to you the next day.


There are many roles played by fathers.


1) A Friend:


In your adolescence, your father becomes a friend to you, as this can be the turning age for you. You meet certain physical changes or some hormonal changes in your body. He may set deadlines for your relationships with others because you experience several challenges in your life.


2) A guide:


He is a care-taker for you about your life journey. The day you were born, he grew more responsible and determined. He may take strict choices to make you realize your mistakes.


3) A consultant:


He guides you whenever you are in trouble or when you took a wrong path. He thinks from both mind, and heart. He leads you to the right direction and consults you to follow the correct process.


How will you celebrate father’s day?


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