Our Story

Welcome to Cakesongo! 

Five years ago, when Mr. Mahesh Kumar and Udit Kumar (Owner and Co-Owner of Cakesongo) decided to you bring their physical cake venture, Cakesongo, online. When they thought of making a fully functional website for their cake shop, they thought of their customers’ ease, convenience, expectations and demands. There’s nothing they wanted more than their customers’ happiness. And hence came www.cakesongo.com

If you share our innate passion for baking and desserts, you’ve come to the right place. We aim to be your one-stop online portal for all your gifting and party needs. Whatever it is you might want, right from cakes and flowers to other personalized gifts and party add-ons, you’ll find them all - only on www.cakesongo.com
This website serves to bring about ease and convenience in ordering cakes and all other things essential for a celebration. While for the longest time such things had to be done at a physical store, with you running around trying to find the best options for your party - with Cakesongo, you get to do all of this sitting at home.

The other thing we kept in mind and had serious thoughts about while building the website was the fact that everyone’s so busy nowadays, that expecting one to get up from their office/work desk is also too much to ask - isn’t it? Sitting in one place - planning a whole party while you do your work side by side isn’t a dream anymore. You work, you plan, take 5 minutes to figure out what you want, browse through the multiple variants of products we have, choose what’s best suited for you and place your order!

Although based in Muzaffarnagar, Cakesongo has multiple branches in cities Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata and so on. Our products include hundreds of variants in cakes, exotic and premium flowers, high-quality gifts and personalized items - ALL available at your convenience. Don’t think twice - we’re here to serve you with the absolute best. Place your orders now!