Send Birthday Cakes in Kolkata

Sweets for the sweet, is a popular saying. And gifting sweets have been a norm since time immemorial. Today, there hardly anyone left among us who would not like to gift tasty treats especially cakes and other sweets and baked goods to a friend, partner, and dear family member during an important occasions. Among all of these alternatives, cakes are most common on birthdays. But dont count cakes short on their appropriateness for other mentionable occasions either! For after all, does anyone really need a reason to sink their teeth into this soft, buttery, and sweet delight? At the least, no ones going to begrudge you if they receive such a delicious gift from you!

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Cake Flower Hamper
999.00 899.00

Cake Valinnala round

Chocho Marble with rakhi

Chocho Mix Dry Fruit

Love Carnations
1,599.00 1,149.00

Pink Rose with dryfruit
2,999.00 2,100.00

Rakhi Dryfruit and flower combo
1,900.00 1,799.00

Red Velvet PhotoCake
2,100.00 2,049.00

Rose and BlackForest
1,199.00 999.00

Special Vanilla Cake